Climb On, You Crazy Diamond


It’s easy to see how rock climbing can become an obsession.  There is something about being in the middle of the woods, up on a mountain, staring at the awaiting rock face in front of you that is peacefully vigorous and a little intimidating.  As someone who has been real rock climbing all of twice, I am certainly no expert on the subject.  It was fascinating to watch the complex system involving anchors, carabiners, webbing, and strategically-placed knots.  And I must admit, I received quite a lesson on master points, redundancy, static vs. dynamic rope, and (most difficult for me) the proper way to let your belayer know that you have begun your climb.  It was strenuous, and it was a great way to find out just how little body strength I possess.

Scaling the rock!

Climbing is like three workouts in one.  It not only requires you to physically work your muscles, it also hones your balance, endurance and flexibility, as well as exercises your problem solving and analytical skills.  It also forces you to fully put your trust in another person to not drop the rope.

Belaying in style

Just as life is said to be not about the destination but the journey, it’s not about making it all the way to the top of the rock face; it’s about the climb.

Climbing relaxed