Backcountry Chef Chronicles

ENOpians looooove to get outside and go camping. And everyone has their favorite part of camping. For some it’s trout fishing, night hiking, river rock hopping. For others it’s building the best campfire or lounging in a hammock reading a book. For me, it’s cooking. I make plenty of exceptions weight wise to haul in what I need to make the food magic happen. My fellow backpackers may poke fun at me while we’re hiking in, but they get real quiet when I’m about to serve them up some backcountry grub–especially if it’s sweet.


Baileys and Marshmallows


Combine your nightcap and your dessert all in one with this simply delectable treat! Roast your marshmallow to your preferred crispness and dip in Baileys. Must be 21 and over, please dip responsibly.


Chocolate-Turtle-Orange Cakes


You’ll have your fellow campers swooning over this hot, fruity and chocolatey dessert. Hollow out your orange and slice the top off. Fill with brownie batter. Top off with rest or orange peel, wrap in foil and cook/roll it over the fire for about 45 minutes. Drizzle with caramel, then die and go to heaven. Get detailed recipe here.


Peanut Butter Cookie Dough S’mores


A twist on an old classic. Make your s’mores the old fashioned way but add peanut butter cookie dough to your graham cracker before you smoosh it. Delicious!! A great excuse to eat raw cookie dough and you can switch it up with the cookie dough flavors.