Animals in Hammocks: Cat Edition

The feline race won’t stop until they have sunk their claws into every corner of the internet. And humans are powerless in the face of their inexorable cuteness. If you thought the internet was run by Mark Zuckerberg or Larry Page, you’re mistaken – it’s the cats who are behind the curtain.

Their authority extends to the realm of animals in Hammocks videos as well. Baby bears in hammocks are one thing, but there isn’t a human alive who wouldn’t click on a link that said, Cute Kittens in Hammocks.

Case in point: 2 Cats 1 Hammock. I dare you to try and resist its charms.

Unlike the video whose title “2 Cats 1 Hammock” alludes to, there’s is nothing but good vibes and cuteness in this video.

People like cats because they’re a lot like humans — sometimes both species need some time to relax in a hammock. Sometimes we need a lot of time to relax, like an entire day to do nothing but drift in and out of sleep, interspersed with bouts of eating fancy foods from cans. Cats teach us that it’s all right to take things slow and easy.

A dog could never be as relaxed as Arka, the cat in this video. Dogs, the nervous wrecks they usually are, are always trying to please humans and other dogs — it’s like, Dude, learn from your feline brethren and just chillax. You know who Arka is trying to please in this video? No one but himself.

The cats in the next video teach us another great lesson about hammocks: They’re a great place to snuggle in. The two cats in this video are like two languid piles of jello merging into one big pile of jello. It’s both romantic and inspiring.

“When I play with my cat, how do I know that she is not playing with me rather than I with her?” asked Montaigne.

He might also have asked, When I play with my cat on a hammock on a boat in a tropical paradise, how do I know if she knows that her life will probably never get any better? Such are the questions that cats in hammock videos provoke.