Animals in Hammocks: Bear Edition

Humans aren’t the only one of God’s creatures to enjoy being ensconced in a gently-swaying mesh net. Animals are now getting into the hammock game, and you can see video evidence of this on Youtube. In the world of animals-doing-funny-things-on-Youtube videos, animals-doing-funny-things-in-hammocks-on-Youtube-videos are some of the best of the genre.

If you ever had trouble intricating or extricating yourself from hammock, imagine a kitten getting its cute paws stuck in a hammock’s netting – what is this thing? the kitten naively asks – and you can see the appeal of these videos. It’s a supernova of hilarity plus cuteness designed to capture the internet’s heart.

First up: bears. They may seem scary — just ask Stephen Colbert — but watch what happens when two bears discover a hammock.

At first, the bears don’t even know what this thing is.

It’s not food. It’s not car. It’s…bear1

Well, it’s delightful! the bears think. I could swing in this thing all day!

Until about :20, they’re all like, Whoa! This thing’s kind of unstab —


An epic moment in the history of bear hammock-wipeouts! But the bears aren’t mad. There’s just no way that anything – bears nor humans – can have a bad time on a hammock, even when you fall out. Have you ever seen an unhappy person on a hammock? Of course you haven’t.

Hammocks bring out the best in bears, bringing out the cuddly, teddy-bear side of their personalities. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this video where a bear in a hammock lets a human swing it, like you would a toddler on a swingset.

In the ageless conflict between bears and humans – bears stealing picnic baskets, bears killing Brad Pitt, Bears versus the wild – when has there ever been human-bear cooperation? It’s unprecedented! It’s as if a bear suddenly whipped up a full picnic, put it in a basket and gave it to a park ranger.

Now, if only we could get Benjamin Netanyahu to sit down in a hammock and have Mahmoud Abbas push him — then we might finally have peace in the Middle East.

We can go on and on with these videos – examples abound – but that would be beside the point. We understand the take away points: that bears love hammocks, that humans love hammocks and that humans love watching bears in hammocks.