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by: Lauren Juliff

“Travelers are notoriously hard to buy presents for. They don’t like clutter and often own only the items that fit in their backpacks. How on earth do you manage to find something they won’t want to exchange for cash to buy plane tickets? You buy a travel-themed gift, of course!

Here are some of our favorite gifts for the adventurous traveler:

vapur_front_red_1.jpg - Vapur

Vapur Anti-Water Bottles. Vapur

1.  Vapur Anti-Water Bottles

It’s wise to carry a water bottle with you when you travel — staying hydrated is incredibly important for your health when on the move, and it’s far easier to top up a water bottle you always have with you than popping in a shop to buy a bottle several times a day. Not only that, but reusing a water bottle as you travel helps to cut down the amount of plastic you go through, helping the environment.

I love traveling with a water bottle but I do find that it’s a bit of a pain to pack. It takes up a lot of room — especially when I’m flying and have to leave it empty. I’m a huge fan of Vapur’s Anti-Water Bottles because they completely eliminate this problem. When you’re not using the bottle you can simply roll it up or fold it, and it takes up hardly any room. You can even freeze it!

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wallet-ninja.jpg - Wallet Ninja

Wallet Ninja. Wallet Ninja

2.  Wallet Ninja

Wallet Ninja is a nifty gadget that fits in your wallet and combines 18 useful tools into one, remaining as small as a credit card. There are plenty of useful features for travelers, including a bottle opener, can opener, cell phone stand, fruit peeler, screw drivers, rulers and wrenches. A perfect gift for someone who’s about to head out on the road!

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sportpack.jpg - Therapearl

Sportpack from Therapearl. Therapearl

3.  Therapearl

Travel can be tough on travelers who aren’t used to regular exercise. Walking for hours every day can be tough on your muscles and trying new activities, like surfing or hiking, can leave you sore and drained.

TheraPearl’s hot/cold therapy products are the perfect stocking stuffer for travelers who are likely to find themselves with a new exercise regime on the road. I’m particularly a fan of the sports pack, which can be applied to any aching body part — just pop it in the hostel’s microwave or freezer and you’re good to go.

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IMG_0689-2.jpg - Watershot

Watershot for iPhone. Watershot

4.  Watershot Underwater Cases

I take my iPhone everywhere and am always snapping photos to share on Instagram. The one place where I can’t capture my travel memories? Underwater.

The Watershot cases for smartphones are perfect for those travelers who love to remember and share everything from their travels. Simply download the Watershot app, pop your phone in the case and you’re good to take it 195 feet below the surface. The pro version even comes with two interchangeable lenses to snap on the outside.

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61uxqDjjQqL._SL1000_.jpg - WeGo

WeGo Hybrid. WeGo


5.  WeGo Hybrid

Staying fit and healthy on the road can be a struggle, and WeGo aims to help out with this while still remaining affordable. The WeGo Hybrid is a 24 hour activity tracking monitor, that measures the number of steps you take, the distance walked, the calories burned and the number of active minutes you have per day.

Download the companion smartphone app and keep track of your exercise as you travel. I found that it really encourages you to walk a little bit further while you’re out and about — perfect for discovering something new and exciting while you’re exploring a new city.

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dbn_lifestyle2.jpg - Eagle Nest

Eagle Nest DoubleNest Hammock. Eagle Nest

6.  DoubleNest Hammock

Hammocks are great for travelers for a variety of reasons. If you’re a fan of adventure travel and hiking, they provide a quick and easy way to set up camp overnight. If you’re most of a hostel fan, you can get discount rates in hostels by asking if you can hang up your hammock instead of taking up a dorm bed for the night. If you’re a fan of day walks, you can string up your hammock during your walk for a relaxing break overlooking some stunning views.

Eagle Nest’s Double Hammock is built for two people, making it even more fun when you’re out exploring. Whether you’re hiking with your partner or your friends, the DoubleNest is a great addition to your backpack.

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Scrubba_bag_in_use_copy_1024x1024.jpg - Scrubba

Scrubba. Scrubba

7.  Scrubba Wash Bag

Before I left to travel, one of my biggest concerns was how to do my laundry on the road. For many months, I washed my clothes in the sink of my hostels’ dorms. And it sucked. My clothes never felt clean and they never smelt great. They were always stained.

The Scrubba wash bag is so much better than my old method of washing my clothes — it’s like a tiny washing machine you can fit in your backpack! I save money by not having to pay for laundry, my clothes actually feel clean after I’ve washed them (the Scrubba provides a machine quality wash), and it’s pretty fun to use!

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