7 Ideas for your Earth Day!

Urban Hammocking in Boston

Happy Earth Day everyone! The day we sit back, observe and acknowledge the beautiful world we live on. Want to celebrate? Here’s 7 ways you can!

1)      Take an urban hike (on your lunch break.) — Take a stroll wherever you are! Just because you’re not in the wilderness doesn’t mean there’s nothing to see. Maybe you could even hunt for a place to urban-hammock?!

2)      Get green fingers – plant a flower, herb, bush, anything you feel like! It can be as small as parsley on your window sill, or as big as an oak tree in your back yard. Either way, Mother Nature will be grateful.

3)      Turn on paperless billing for all your bills – The Daily Green estimates you can save about two 10 year old trees in one year!

4)      Take a ‘me’ day for Earth – You know all those sick days you’ve got stored up? Use one today! Instead of going to work, build a rain barrel or compost heap at your home. Or, do a quick scout of the neighborhood and pick up some trash. The squirrels will thank you later 🙂

5)      Eat some bugs! We know, this is an unusual one…and some may think pretty gross. But, you’ll gain some valuable protein that could replace some of your red meat intake – reducing your risk for heart disease AND your carbon footprint!

6)      Get your vinegar on – switch out your regular chemical cleaners for plain ol’ vinegar. Mix 1 part vinegar to 9 parts water and you have a powerful, natural substance that kills germs and cleans nearly all surfaces. It even deodorizes rooms!

7)      Pee in the shower! According to Design To Improve Life, you can save around 2,500 liters of water per person per year in your household by just peeing in the shower once a day! That is a lot of water!

Have a great day!

By Morre Photography
By Morre Photography