7 Awesome & Thoughtful Gifts for Mom this Mothers Day

Okay people, it’s midweek. You have just enough time to pull yourself together and give your mom a proper Mothers Day!



Two external beverage holders, reinforced base, lightweight but large enough to pack an overnight bag. What am I talking about? The Relay Bag. It’s ready to keep up with your mom as she marathons on throughout her busy days. Did I mention it comes in four colors?






Homemade Card

ID-100203612Bust out the glue, construction paper, and magic markers! Get crafty and make your own card this year. It will cause your mom to become reminiscent of your old art projects when you were a kid. Plus, you’ll be surprised how much you get into the card making process. Just try and save yourself $4 on a store bought card. Hey maybe that can go towards flowers?







Whether you buy some from a florist, get them delivered, or go pretty picking in your neighborhood–get your mom flowers. Gifting flowers is one the most time honored ways to let someone know you sincerely care about them. Don’t forget to get a vase too!









DoubleNest & Atlas Straps

Alicia Gray - Jake Jocassee, SC

All moms deserve to sit down and relax. Perhaps more so than anyone else out there. Give your mom the gift of peace, quiet, and relaxation. It may not be the hammock she grew up with but with your help we’re sure she’ll fall in love with her very own DoubleNest and Atlas Straps.






Make a Meal

ID-10085662Cook for you mom people! Going out to restaurants is nice too, but I’m personally a fan of cooking a meal with love on occasions like this. Skip the wait, the bill, and the uncertainty. At least if the food is so-so at home-you cooked it so she’ll love it anyways. P.S. Try to cook something that SHE likes!






Spend Time

ID-100160537Most of all, I guarantee you this is what the moms of the world truly want this coming Sunday. Quality time. Simple I know, but trust me. Go on a walk, sit in a hammock, sip on some coffee. Whatever it is, just do it together. And try to be pleasant 🙂






Frame an Old Photo

ID-10091152Do some digging in some old drawers, but if you come up short perhaps you are fortunate enough to be Facebook friends with your mom. Sigh. If so, dig around in those digital photo albums and print your cutest baby/young child photo. Slap that puppy in a nice frame and bam…instant awesome meaningful Mother’s Day present.