Go ENO Green!

Hola ENOpians!

Saving the world is no new idea – but it may help if you can do it stylishly! Well, here are some tips and utensils courtesy of Retail Me Not that help you protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint by exchanging a few simple things for more sensible options.

  • Think of things that get used and then disposed of daily, and substitute with reusable ones! Easy Peasy! Retail Me Not suggests starting with fabric bags to carry your snacks, lunches and necessities that you can use time and time again. Bags like ENO’s Earth Bag! They also provide excellent replacements for items like sandwich bags, water bottles and coffee cups on their page. Click here to see the products like ReSnackIt’s snack bags and KeepCups personalized coffee cups you can use over and over!
  • After daily disposals, think about items you don’t disposal every day, but you do dispose them pretty regularly. These are things like toothbrushes and clothes detergent. Retail Me Not suggests replacing such items with products like the Green Wash Ball that washes clothes…with no detergent! Sounds bizarre, but the wash ball ceramic beads alter the pH level of the water to change and thus allow you to wash your clothes up to 1,000 times! Wowzers!
  • For those things you do dispose, but simply can’t live without, think about buying in bulk! You can get soap and dishwasher detergent this way!

Enjoy being green, stylishly!

Go planet!