6 Things to do Again Before Summer’s Over

One Last Summer Grill

ID-100165100Bring it on, I’m talking chicken wings and home made margaritas. Don’t forget the watermelon. It’s still summer people.






Play on the Water

4775313683_6802a63396_bHave you been wanting to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding all summer and havent gotten around to it? Get around to it, like this week.





That Epic Hammocking Spot

Kari-Brown-Charlston,-SCThat time when you saw those two trees, and you were like “I’m so going to come back and hammock here” — do it now and do it barefoot!






downloadLet them dogs bark! Chacos for life!





Iced Coffee or Iced Anything

ID-100163304Whether it’s your espresso on the rocks or an adult beverage. Sip on while your drink is icy and the sun is shining.






Go to the Beach

ID-100176823Stop what you’re doing right now and go to the beach. We’ll meet you there. We’ll be glad we did it.