6 Reasons Why Life is Awesome

87348827 (1)It may just be the beginning of the week, and yes it may have already started off bad. Maybe you didn’t do laundry and are currently in commando mode, or your car broke down in the rain. Or maybe your friends TP’d your house, and then it rained. Either way, it’s still an amazing day to be alive! Here’s why.


Say your week started off on the wrong foot or maybe you’re just a grumpy person to begin with. Try this – (click here – but then make sure to come back). It’s well known that pet owners are happier than non-owners but even just a few pictures of super cute puppies can help boost your mood.

Now how can you be grumpy when those little puppy are so dang happy? Exactly.


There are two types of places in this world. Inside and outside. And guess what? You get to choose which one! You can choose the fluorescent lights, white walls and moldy refrigerators, or you can choose the beauty of the outdoors. Outside you have fresh air, cooling breeze, chirping birds, and some awesome people who genuinely enjoy getting dirt under their nails and scraping up their knees. So, if you’re having a bummer day, just go make a friend and hug a tree (right after looking at really cute pics of dogs). You’ll feel much better.



Normally, you’re not alone when dealing with the highs and lows that life swings at you. Lean on your friends when you are having a rough week. You’ve got some pretty cool, like-minded friends. Go do something fun and crazy. Make a few more memories with them. You may even make a few more friends and can have some crazy fun with them as well. In the unfortunate event that you don’t have many friends, go buy yourself a slackline and pretend to use it in the park. Either someone will know you have no idea what you are doing and help you, or he’ll have no idea either and you can figure out the art of slacklining together.


Another reason why it’s wonderful to be alive? Sweat. And endorphins. But moreso, sweat that releases endorphins. Yes, we’re referring to that wondrous liquid that accumulates during a hike, a scorching day working in the yard, and biking across town. Going on that long run and sweating from pores you didn’t even know you had is an amazing feeling. When you’re finished with whatever you are doing, the feeling of accomplishment and the sweat to prove you did it are the greatest in the world. Well, and the shower following; you don’t want to cause your loved ones physical harm by your stench.


It’s awesome to be alive because you never know what’s going to happen next. I mean, come on, in this society, we barely know what TV show is coming on after next. One day you’re working a desk job, and the next you could be cliff diving in Hawaii, snorkeling in Fiji, snow shoeing in the Alps, or skydiving in New Zealand. Now, most likely you wont be doing any of those things because of money and passport issues, but go ahead and plan it. Get a ticket for a place you’ve never been and go explore.  The world is your playground; go have some fun in it.



Sometimes when you’re stressed, you don’t even think about how awesome it is that you can climb into a hammock and take a chill pill. Crawl on in and read a book, take a nap, or just listen to the birds chirping. Hammocks are a great source of relaxation and nobody will ever guess that you skipped out of that meeting because you decided to chill in between a couple of trees. Plus, hammocks are just way more comfortable than a chair or a bed. So go outside, relax, and enjoy life.