6 Reasons Why Hammocks Are Better Than Tents


Some people may be nervous about sleeping suspended in mid air. However I am here to tell you fear not! With a little practice and a lot of imagination you will soon be wondering how you ever slept on the ground. Whether you are taking it on trail, on the beach, or just feel like watching the night sky in your neighborhood, a hammock will change the way you travel, the way you sleep, and will have you perpetually thinking, “I could hang my hammock from that…”

Light and portable

Not only are ENO hammocks made from parachute material, which is obscenely strong and light, if you decide to use a hammock instead of a tent you are eliminating stakes, tent poles, and bulky sleeping pads. If it’s going to be a rainy night, bring along a lightweight tarp. Your back will thank you in the long run.

Nothing’s more comfortable than sleeping on top of air

Ever spent the night wedged between a root and a giant, immovable rock? Or perhaps you’re in the Yukon territory, sleeping, ever so unpleasantly, on top of thousands of muddy hummocks. One amazing aspect of sleeping in a hammock is that you are essentially sleeping in mid air and, as far as I can tell, there aren’t any pesky tree roots or rogue rocks up there.


You look like an Ewok

Gather a group of friends, tie up your hammocks, grab a book and recreate your favorite Star Wars scene. I like to imagine myself in an Ewok forest, sheltered, ever so cutely, by a race of teddy bear people. Get a jacket with a furry hood and you’re half way there. Furthermore, having a hammock allows you to look up at the stars and imagine what the galaxy was like “a long, long time ago.”


Cuddling is NOT an option

If you’re lucky enough to have a two-person hammock then you already know that effective cuddling strategies are a must. You could complain about how you inevitably roll onto your partner or you could embrace it and see it as an opportunity to practice your spooning positions.

No hot-boxing allowed

If you’ve ever been the unfortunate victim of a hot-box (when someone farts in your tent) then worry no more. With the glorious open-air nature of a hammock you will no longer need to fear the putrid fumes of your tent mate.

Will work on any tree

If you have two sturdy, immovable objects, you can hang a hammock. Whether you are amidst the dense evergreens of the Pacific Northwest, the palm trees in the tropics, or scattered amongst the bare landscape of Joshua Tree, you can find a happy, temporary home.