6 Key Elements for a Kickin’ Backyard Summer Soiree

Key elements for a kickin backyard summer soiree

It’s summer people. Chacos, music festivals, and outdoor dining are about and thank goodness. Who doesn’t like to go to the perfect little get together of friends, good food to share in laughter and spirited conversation? That’s right, everyone likes that sort of thing. If you have never thrown a patio party yourself, then pay attention! Here are the key elements for throwing a kickin’ backyard summer soiree. Success always goes back to basics.



1. Grill

Grill out!

Whether it’s charcoal or propane–a grill is perhaps the MOST key element to backyard party success. P.S. You can NEVER go wrong with kabobs.







2.) Watermelon Station


Nothing will bring out the inner child in your guests quite like a big ol’ watermelon. Slice it up, lay it out and watch the fun begin.







3. Hammock Oasis


Your guests need somewhere to relax after stuffing their faces with burgers, beers, and melon. Make a hammock oasis! It’s also nice to provide a chill space for your friends to take micro-naps.







4. Mood Lighting

backyard party lighting

Just because the sun sets, doesn’t mean the party is over!! There are SO many fun and atmospheric outdoor lighting options to keep the mood alive. Oh, and so you can see too.







5. Cornhole

Cornhole for fun!

Now keep in mind, I am from the south. Cornhole is a game that people of all ages can enjoy. Simple, competitive, and you get to throw things.








6. Music

file0008594507Put your musical friends to work!! Sing songs that everyone knows for feelings of warm togetherness. If no one in your crew can play, just bump those speakers.