6 Essential DIY Repair Items For Your Hammock

Hammock living is mostly carefree, but it is not without it’s responsibilities.  Proper care and maintenance will help prevent the entire thing from falling apart at the wrong moment. Like the old saying goes:  “A stitch in time saves nine”.  If you can fix a problem early on, you will be able to sustain  a long life together with your roving sleep-station.

CaribeanerCaribeaner – These come in handy in multiple ways, and you will probably discover a few more yourself the more you have it around.  Ideally it can be a quick patch if some ends break, keeping the tension off other weaves that might otherwise pull apart.  But you can use it for an extra support on the sides, or to attach to certain places for storage.

RopeRope – Obviously with extra rope you can fix damaged areas with a new strand.  There’s not much to mention here, except I would recommend avoiding nylon as it seems to be the least comfortable of all the available rope varieties.

tapeAthletic tape – A few passes of athletic tape around some frayed areas of your hammock will slow down the wear time.  This is not a permanent fix, but is good for when you are on the move to help prevent further wear and tear.

TNDarning needle + Thread – Not all thread is created equal – and a “darning” kit is what you need to save strands that have already become to deteriorate.  This is one method where it will save you in the long run if you fix the problem early.

spScotch-Guard (or other waterproofing spray) – This is not necessarily a repair item, but is essential for preserving the life of your hammock if you spend any time outdoors.  A waterproof coat will help resist mildew and rot, something especially important in the humid climates.

If anyone else has some other items we may have left out, please let us know in the comments.  Until next time, Happy Hammocking!