6 Accessories Every Hammock Camper Should Own

Let’s say you’re a ‘relaxation minimalist’, and all you require is a hammock and a couple of trees. That’s fine, to each his/her own – but this article isn’t for you. Now if you plan to stage a hammock party-for-one with all the trimmings this summer, then by all means, read on…

Headphones1Noise-Canceling Headphones

Sure, ear buds get the job done if you’re jogging or sitting in a cubicle. But anyone who has tried out a pair of noise-canceling headphones can attest to their awesomeness. The sound quality is so stellar that you’ll spend the first few days (or weeks) simply listening to your favorite songs all over again. These babies were made for tuning the rest of the world out – so naturally, they will complement your time in the hammock quite nicely.


Bird-watching Guide

Bird-watching Guide

You don’t have to be a total ‘bird nerd’ to enjoy a little weekend ornithology. In fact, if you happen to find a spot with little tree cover and a decent view, then chances are you’ll see plenty of feathered friends in the course of a morning, afternoon, or whenever it is you like to kick back in your hammock. Pick up a pocket bird guide with information about all the local species, and you’ll be an amateur birder in no time. And no, you don’t have to tell your friends.


Portable CoffeePortable Coffee Percolator or Miniature French Press

Maybe the idea of fresh coffee doesn’t jibe with your relaxing hammock getaway, but many of us (affectionately known as ‘caffeine addicts’) enjoy coffee whether it’s a weekday or the weekend. For this reason, a miniature coffee percolator or French press can make a handy addition to your backpack. But if joe isn’t your beverage of choice, there are miniature devices for making tea or other hot drinks like cocoa or apple cider. They’re called kettles.

Swiss Army Knife


Swiss Army Knife

If you’re in the market for a cutting implement, there’s no point in picking up a little penknife that barely cuts through paper. Instead, opt for the absolute best – a genuine Swiss Army knife. How do you know if it’s genuine? Simple: Wenger and Victorinox are the only two companies in the world that make them. And if you take good care of your SAK, then it will last a very long time (potentially even longer than you do).

tablet deviceKindle (or other tablet device)

A lot of people enjoy reading. Books, that is. And while no electronic implement will ever replace the texture and smell of a bound book, you will sacrifice precious cargo space if you plan to bring several paperbacks on vacation. That’s where this revolutionary device from Amazon comes into play. No, purists, the Kindle will never replace an actual book. But it will make traveling much easier for readers everywhere – just don’t tell your local librarian!