5 Ways to use the TravelRag

Perfect for home or the backcountry, the TravelRag is made of a special microfiber fabric that is able to soak up to 9 times its weight in water, then release 90% of the water when wrung out. It is large enough to wrap around your body making it ideal for beach and bath, and light enough to keep with you whenever and wherever you venture. This simple but efficient outdoor tool is easy to carry around and contributes to an earth-friendly mentality. Wipe, wash, reuse.


1. The Waterfront

ENO may08 product 880Keep it dry, but keep it light. Whether your boogie boarding at your favorite beach spot or wading in your favorite water hole in the mountains-the TravelRag will keep you dry and take up less room in your beach bag or day pack.






2. Camping

IMG_4388 2When camping and using minimal resources, it’s important to keep your cookware as sanitary as you can-especially if you were handling raw meat. With the TravelRag you don’t have to wash your pot with a leaf!







3. If You’re a Parent


100_4154If you’re a mom or a dad, you probably understand more than most how messy life can get. Keep your offspring’s face, hands, toys, and everything else clean on the go with the TravelRag. Stick it in the stroller and you’ll be prepared to wipe away whatever comes your way.








4. Festival Life


Zuzii Ryan - Flagstaff, AZBring the TravelRag to a festival and be that music lover in the crowd that doesn’t smell so bad. Grab a gallon jug of water, some soap, the TravelRag and get to work. It truly is amazing what a DIY shower can do for you when you’ve been partying in a field for days. Gamechanger.





5. Active Sports


IMG_5994Whether you’re mountain biking, rock climbing, running a 5K or just hammocking really hard 😉 the TravelRag make a great gym or active sports companion. Taking up less room than a small towel, picking up more moisture than a towel, and having its own carrying case make the Travel Rag the perfect thing to wipe your brow with.