5 Tips For Traveling In Costa Rica

by Joseph Hallgren

Costa Rica is a country filled with beautiful views, adventure, and micro-climates making it the perfect getaway for anyone looking to relax or just have fun.  From zip-lining through the jungle canopy to relaxing the days away with your feet in the sand on one of the beaches, Costa Rica is a paradise.

costa rica 1

With all that it has to offer, it can be a confusing country to pack for due to the micro-climates and different terrain features that the country offers.  After spending ten days exploring a few of the areas the country offers,  I have some tips for first time travelers to this beautiful and fun country.

1. Pack Extra Pants!

When I traveled to Costa Rica, we went in December, which was supposed to be the least rainy month of the year.  Because of this, nearly everyone on the trip only packed one pair of pants, which we quickly realized was a bad idea. Due to the rain we did receive during most of our trip, the nights were much cooler than expected.

2. A Light Raincoat Can Go A Long Way

In Costa Rica, depending on where you plan on exploring, areas like the cloud forest and rain forest are always a little wet.  I think it’s always a good idea to have a light raincoat, but it is eve more beneficial to check the time of year because some months may require a heavier rain coat.

3. A Good Travel Bag

Although this may be personal preference, I do like having a pack with me to carry items such as my GoPro.  This also gives me a place to carry sunblock, my coat, and even a change of clothes or a towel for beaches.  I prefer a SOVRN Republic Drifter Bag because I’ve found that it carries everything quite well.

costa rica 2

4. Great Footwear

This is a must.  If you climb as many steps in the forest to get to the amazing waterfalls, explore the cloud forest, or go zip-lining in the canopy of the rain forest, you will want a good pair of shoes that offer enough comfort and that are durable enough to withstand the terrain.  I had a good pair of running shoes, which could have only been improved by being more waterproof.

costa rica 3

5. Have Fun!

Costa Rica offers everything.  We were able to white water raft, zip-line, bungee jump, and enjoy the amazing beaches and views that this country offers.  Although some people would rather sit on the beach to just relax, nothing was more enjoyable than having fun and hanging out with the rest of  the group.


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