5 Reasons to Welcome the Fall Equinox


“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

Happy Autumnal Equinox! As the day and night are equal lengths today after the long sunshiny afternoons of summer, we know to expect temperatures to drop and leaves to golden. Even if summertime is a hard season to beat, Fall brings its own treasures too. Here are some of the reasons we’re falling for Fall!


Fall Camping

171A6923Our headquarters being in WNC, there’s no time like the present for camping and backpacking this fall. Less bugs, great coloring, and perfect temperatures in the daytime. Just make sure you’ve got your layers to add at night!





Hoodie Weather

moon-hoodieOne of the most snuggly perks of the temperatures getting colder. Dig out your favorite hoodie, wear it early in the morning and sip on something warm. We love this one from our friends at Hooked Productions!






171A2212Underquilts make the perfect hammock companion when hanging in the fall! Keep an eye out for our new Ember 2 Underquilt, debuting in early 2015; featuring  new colors, decreased prices, and a simplified elastic cord for easy set up.





Wool Socks

b76d7e47a85ec015221ef146a5026df4Put your sandals in the closet and pull out the Smart Wool socks!







The Foods

ID-100277629Pumpkin flavored everything, cider, cinnamon, cardamon, and more. What are your fave fall flavors?