5 Crafty Ways to Celebrate October Outside

October is a month fond in the hearts of many. The leaves turn their brightest colors, the air is definitively cooler and no longer fickle with the leftover climates of summer. And with Halloween on the horizon, we all know the domino effect of the holidays is coming. Most people agree that time is flying by, so lets make a goal for ourselves this month. Let’s aim to really savor the beautiful month that is, October. Get out there and hammock!


Leaf Art

ID-100283652Once the leaves have fallen, I think it’s okay to get crafty with them. Don’t go wheeling them out of the forests by the bucket-load, but I think Mother Nature would be cool if we used a few to commemorate this beautiful time of year. Try this Stained Glass craft with fall leaves.




Pine Cone Bird Snacks

ID-100134399It’s Simple. Add peanut butter, roll in birdseed. Next, hang it in a tree and then watch the feeding frenzy from the comfort of your porch. Kids love this one!






Make Cider

ID-100241110Let’s put your mixology skills to the test. Here’s an opportunity to blend and use the spices of autumn that we all love. Add apple cider vinegar and hold the boos for a healthy elixir.





Pumpkin Pancakes

ID-100219781There are countless recipes out there, and whether you go canned or fresh, you’ll find yourself in the pumpkin mood until spring. It’s good stuff! Top with yogurt and some jam. Then, head to the front porch and indulge in pancake heaven in a fall wonderland.




Drill Some Pumpkins

ID-10022205Instead of using knives, use a drill for a no hassle, artistic effect. Check it out here!