3 Unessential and Extremely Fun Gadgets for the Hammocker

To borrow the phrasing, if not the sentiment, of Sylvia Plath, ‘relaxing is an art, like everything else.’ Like any artist, you’re going to need some good tools. Here are four gadgets that will add a splash of color to your hammock time.

1. Tropical Drinks Prepared like a Pro 

Did you know you could peel, slice and core a pineapple in seconds?! Before you laugh this off as just another outrageously unnecessary piece of plastic, hear me out. The Pineapple Slicer and Corer  is not only delightfully fun, but it’s also entirely practical for anyone who enjoys a tropical beverage. It will never occur to you how inefficiently you’ve been slaughtering your pineapples until you give it a try. In a simple screwing motion, this ingenious instrument allows you to harvest the fruit from the middle while coring away the dense center and leaving a hollow, pineapple shaped shell that is just begging to be filled with chilled juice or a smoothie. You don’t need to travel to the Bahamas to fulfill your lifelong dream of sipping a chilled drink out of real fruit, all you need is the pineapple corer, long straw and a good place to sway.

2. Combat Ambient Noise 

Whether it’s the shrieking kids next door, the wail of a firetruck or your roommate in the next room eating Grapenuts, sometimes even the most experienced hammocker can’t escape the ambient noise. To optimize your relaxation experience, you need a pair of Noise Canceling Headphones, a must have for anyone who appreciates the sound of silence. These headphones use a combination of dense foam and advanced physics to battle extraneous sound waves to provide a paralleled music experience or just a moment of quiet. When you leave your roommate and his deafening cereal behind and hit the road for the hottest (and most soothing) spring break getaways for the hammocker, these will come in handy on the airplane.

3. Stay Sharp

Perhaps the greatest quality of the brain (an organ with a panoply of fine qualities) is its neuroplasticity. The brain can (and should be)  shaped, molded and exercised throughout your entire life, and what better place to do that than in a hammock? When the pineapple is drained and forgotten, the Instagram feed updated and the playlist is over, pick up a Rubik’s Cube or any of these handheld, IQ-enhancing puzzles, mazes, and brain bogglers, and enjoy a few moments of bettering your brain.