We Are West America’s Adventure


***Note from ENO:  We Are West America follows the undefined journey of James and Jordan down the West Coast of America. They created their website to share stories, pictures, people, and places from their adventures. To make their journey a bit more comfortable, we have given them some products to take with them. We are stoked to see what happens with James and Jordan!!***

This year, James and Jordan will leave Whistler, B.C. Canada and set out on an adventure to Patagonia. With only their starting and ending points known, they will throw themselves into an unpredictable journey, leaving their plans completely open and in the hands of travel!


We Are West America follows their inspirational journey down the West Coast. James and Jordan will be updating it with pictures, videos, and stories as they go along, starting with their planning/preparation stage and now into their actual trip. They will also be a continuously-updated Travel Guide on there to assist others who wish to embark on their own journeys! They have already encountered many amazing places and people during preparation for the trip. Check out more pictures on their website!

WAWAThis trip is one of growth, exploration, discovery, and unpredictability. And though their plan is that there is no plan, James and Jordan know that wherever they go, whoever they meet, and whatever they see will be an eye-opening adventure!


WAWA2They’ll be shooting a few pic as and when they come our way, and we wish James and Jordan all the best as they continue on in their incredible journey!!