2014 Hammock Bucket List

It’s the beginning of a new year, but instead of making a list of resolutions you’re not really that bothered about keeping, why not make a 2014 Hammock Bucket List instead!

Here are some ideas to help you get going:

Bucket List #1!

1) Hammock with your pet – You’ve hammocked by yourself, with your best pal, so why not your favorite furry friend?!










Hammock Bucket List #22) Be a part of a hammock village – Grab your buddies, their ENOs, and head to the forest! A prime location would be Electric Forest Music Festival.










Hammock Bucket List #33) On a hammock raft – There’s nothing more uplifting than sailing the seven seas (or your local slow flowing river :-)) on a homemade hammock raft! Our Life Outside did it just right with this hammock raft.






Hammock Bucket List #44) In the snow – Throw on a pair of snow shoes and get out there!!! Who says hammocking is just a Summer time activity?







Hammock Bucket List #55) Between 2 vehicles – The PERFECT tailgating set up. Our favorite set up would involve some Jeeps 🙂








Hammock Bucket List #66) As a boat sail – This doesn’t really need a caption. BADASS!








Hammock Bucket List #7

7) As a sun shade – A hammock is not just for sitting in…it’s a lifestyle necessity!







Hammock Bucket List #88) On a boat – What could be more fun than hammocking with the sun on your face, the spray in the air and gentle rocking motion of a glorious boat?









Hammock Bucket List #99) At a baseball game – We do not advise kidnapping the mascot however tempting it may be hammocking with an 8-foot furry bull.







Hammock Bucket List #1010) With all your friends – There aint no party like a hammock party!!!







What’s on your 2014 Hammock Bucket List?!