How To

Urban Hammocking 101

882225_10152603239925366_1522388380_oYou may not realize it, but your hammock is not just for your backpacking trip. Once you’ve become a hammock fanatic, you’ll find it hard to believe that you slept in anything else and your creative side might take over. If you’re living in a city, have no fear, there are plenty of places that you can hang your hammock and spend the afternoon doing your best sloth impersonation.

In your backyard
If you don’t have a slew of trees in your backyard you can purchase a hammock frame from which you can hang your hammock. This metal frame make for easy collapsibility and are usually low to the ground which makes them perfect for easy access. If you do have good swinging trees in your backyard, choose a sunny day and your favorite book and spend the afternoon lying around.

In your living room
Believe it or not, now that you’re an adult (and if your landlord permits) you can change your room however you want. At any home improvement store you’ll find hooks that you can screw into your ceiling – or check out ENO’s Indoor Hanging Kit here. Get some help if you’re not savvy with home improvement projects but no matter your skill level, you can end up with a hammock hanging in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen! Just make sure you’ve found the wall studs first. If you’ve done it right, you can swing with ease from the comfort of your home.

774735_10152434177055366_779189751_oOn your porch
If you have a sturdy front porch you can use the pillars, or wood frame to hoist yourself into your hammock. The ENO Hammock Suspension will ensure that you stay suspended under the protection of your porch. Just make sure your porch frame can withstand the weight before jumping right in.


In a park
This is the most obvious urban choice. Unfortunately some parks, especially national parks, frown upon hammocking practices. However, if you’re fortunate to live near a nice public park, chances are your hammock is most welcome. Use a jungle gym (if you want to be THAT guy) or find a nice patch of trees. Just as long as you’re getting outside, what do you care?!

In your cubicle
Who said work couldn’t be fun? Whether you’re working for a progressive think-tank, where dogs and half pipes abound, or you’re feeling rebellious in your tiny cubicle, tucked away in some corporate basement, bringing your hammock to work is always a good idea. Attach diagonally in your cubicle for ample space or tie it up in the tree-house in the middle of your 30-something, Apple ridden work place.