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UNCA First College Campus to Receive ENOpods


Dream team who made it happen, photographed above. From right to left: 

Jeremiah Haas, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Outdoor Programs

Derek Pumb, UNCA Community Director

Natalie DeRatt, ENO Marketing Coordinator


ENO-pod :


1. The ENOpod is a tri-part hammock stand able to hang up to three hammocks. It is completely self-supporting and does not rely on trees. It excels on multiple ground options, from sandy beaches to grassy fields, expanding the realm of hammocking possibilities! Their compact size makes them a perfect, relaxing oasis for any event.


IMG_9501If you take a stroll through UNCA’s campus anytime soon, be sure to stop at the ENOpods!! That’s right, University of North Carolina Asheville is the first college campus to receive two pods, to stay. One thing we love about Asheville is the enthusiastic and supportive local business culture. So naturally, we’re happy to have donated a permanent place for UNCA students and staff to rest.

Could this is the beginning of relationships with other state universities, who want something similar for their campuses? Hopefully! The ENOpods make an attractive and interactive addition to any campus lawn, while also providing a comfy spot for students to relax and study. There are even some studies that have been done suggesting that studying in hammocks is more beneficial than in other states of rest. The college student demographic has developed an affinity for hammocks on campus and off, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Special thanks for UNCA for coming together with us to make it happen! Go Bulldogs!