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The Camp Stove You Didn’t Know You Had!

Some of the best camping memories come from nights shared underneath the stars and sharing stories with friends by the campfire. However, in some instances our camping trips don’t end in such picturesque fashion. While camping on the Blue Ridge Parkway, my friends and I experienced a night full of torrential rain.

After we got our gear in the tents we then realized our stomachs were growling, our fire was out, and our wood was soaked! Luckily one of our campers, an Eagle Scout I might add, brought a solution for our hunger, the aluminum can camp stove. This quick, easy, and dependable camp stove is ideal for any camping trip, rain or shine.




Step 1

cut can in hald

Take any size aluminum can and carefully cut it in half.











Step 2

step 2Take the bottom half of the can and crimp the edges over with pliers to remove its sharp edge.











Step 3

c7From the top portion of the can, remove the tab section with a knife and peel back with pliers.











Step 4

indentionsWith a knife, create light vertical indentions  on the top portion of the can every half an inch.











Step 5

c4Make a small pin sized hole in the top portion of the can right below the lip of the can.











Step 6

c5Place the top portion of the can into the bottom of the can to finish the stove. Fill the can will rubbing alcohol and light.











Step 7


Plan what you’re going to create with your new camp stove!