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How to Stay Cool on Summer Hikes

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We’re in the height of summer….thank goodness!! There’s still plenty of time for barbecues, days at the lake and hammocking adventures! However as we bask in the heat of summer, let’s remember it’s important to stay cool too.

Here are some tips to stay cool when you’re being active in the heat.


Keep Core Temperature Cool

Freezer Zero™ Bandana   Columbia.comKeep your neck cool and the rest of you will follow! The cold banadana on the neck has gotten delightfully more technical. For example, the ultimate cooling accessory, the Omni-Freeze® ZERO-armed bandana uses sweat-activated cooling technology, which reacts with sweat to lower the temperature of the material. Built-in UPF 50 seals out UV rays for supreme protection from the sun.







Camelbak1Water. Drink it! Whether this means bringing a water bottle holder, Camel Bak, or carrying around a steripen so you can casually sip along the trail-just make sure you drink the water. Dehydration is the first step to many bad things.










Hats On, Suns Off

adventure-sun-hat_inWear a hat and keep the sun off your face. It’s that simple. Yeah sure, you’ll tell yourself you can remember to reapply sunblock to your nose…but let’s be real here. Another benefit to wearing a hat is that you will look cool!! This Sunday Afternoon hat will not only keep your skin supple, it’s lightweight and it floats!







Breathable Clothing

23662_986Unless it’s extremely loose fitting and thing, put the cotton up until the colder months. If you know you’ll be sweating when you’re hiking in; wearing breathable nylons can keep you from getting cold when you arrive to your campsite later and stop moving. Check out Patagonia’s selection of simple tees made from recycled polyester.










Sunblock is Neat-o

300Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, but sunblock is COOL! Preventing pain, redness, peeling and pre-mature aging is cool. Active much? Check out Kinsey SPF 30 Fragrance-Free non-aerosal spray sunblock. There’s something for everyone there.