Can’t get the Forest off our Mind


“After you have been to the Electric Forest, you realize why people keep coming back to it year after year. It’s a judgment-free zone, filled with positive vibes, amazing natural and artistic visual experiences, and a great sense of community that is the perfect venue for great music. Hopefully we will see you next year.” -Matt Urban of Fest300

Electric Forest is one of our favorite festivals. We’ve got a special place for it in our hearts. Clearly, our strong affinity to the festival is because it’s essentially a hammock paradise. However like any festival, regardless of the lineup, time of year, or venue-it’s the people that make the festival. It was a sold out show this year, with a diverse crowd and together we made a powerfully memorable weekend.

Electric Forest is when we pull out our big guns. We take our biggest team, two booths, the Lotus Lounge, ENOpods, and set up hundreds of hammocks in the forest for festival goers to enjoy. We work hard and play hard in Michigan for that weekend, and we couldnt do it without any of you! Thanks to all the foresters and ENOpians who came out to celebrate music, friendship, and hammock naps with us!

Don’t forget to hashtag your hammock pics from the weekend with: #electricENO for a chance to be featured. Happy Forest!