Festival Camping Basics

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It’s no secret ENO loves festivals, and festivals love hammocks! But you may need to pack more than just your trusty DoubleNest to get through 4 days of mud, blazing sun and not many showers.

Here’s a quick list of festival camping basics. Feel free to print it off and use as a checklist while you’re preparing!

Code Red Items!

□ Festival tickets!

□ Valid picture ID.

□ Directions and the correct address of the festival site.

□ Money (try not to bring excessive amounts of cash – you don’t want it getting lost/stolen.)

□ Keys (and somewhere safe to stash them so you can get home again :-) )

□ Shelter – leaving the house without your tent and hammock will make you sad. Don’t forget a sleeping bag!

□ Phone – staying in communication with the group you traveled with is a must.

□ Cooking items and food.

So you look good…

□ A raincoat – the North Face Venture Jacket is a great, affordable and eco-consious option.

□ Rain boots – if you get the right pair, you look good and stay dry.

□ Sunglasses – protect those peepers! Consider a hat as well.

□ T-shirts, shorts and something warm – it might not stay warm 24/7.

□ Underwear.

□ Sleeping clothes.

So you feel good…

□ Travel size tooth brush and tooth paste.

□ Deodrant

□ Towel – on the off chance you get a shower and/or get stuck in a rainstorm.

□ Travel size shampoo/conditioner – for the same reason as above.

□ Wet wipes – for the times you aren’t going to get a shower and/or get stuck in a rainstorm.

□ Anti-bacterial sanitizer.

□ First aid kit including ibuprofen/pain reliever for the journey home!

□ Sunscreen – very important! Protect yo’ skin!

□ Insect repellent.

Awesome Add Ons

□ Camera.

□ Picnic blanket.

□ Lighter/matches.

□ Duct tape.

□ Multi purpose knife/bottle+tin opener.

□ Flash light

□ Umbrella

□ Extra trash bags for dirty clothes and, well, trash.

□ A team banner!

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There are, or course, an infinite amount of items you could take in addition to this – but this is a great place to start!

To learn more, head over to Asheville’s REI Store this Saturday (5/16) for a crash course in festival camping led by an REI Staffer who has 3 years of Bonnaroo experience under his belt. In addition, the awesome FloydFest team will be there giving out tips, free tickets and ENO Hammocks! Find out more HERE!

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