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ENO Sponsors Formula 2 Powerboat Team, Ludwig Racing


Have you heard the news? We’re dipping our toes into the world of Formula 2 Powerboat racing!! We’re excited about this opportunity to sponsor the Ludwig Racing Team. The excitement and speed this sport offers, is the perfect compliment to our usual relax-in-a-hammock nature. We recently sat down with ENO raceboat driver, Thomas Ludwig and got to know a little more about him and the sport. Go #81!

Learn more about Ludwig Racing and where you can see them on their Facebook Page.


10308114_226303190913766_5910261845694806465_nWhat kind of boat do you race?

It’s an SST120  Formula 2 race boat.


How old were you before you began racing?

I’ve always been into fast stuff.  I started racing go-carts and motorcycles as a teenager, and I  got addicted to fast stuff.  I’ve been boating my whole life, and I bought my first fast boat when I turned 20.  You get addicted to the need for speed.  I raced sailboats for a few years, but powerboats are the way to go. 


 Do you have a goodluck charm or ritual you do before the race?

I pray.


How fast can these boats go?

Up to 120mph. Terry Rinker set the top speed record in an SST120 a few years back at approximately 129 mph. 


How has your experience been since ENO’s sponsorship?

It just been fabulous. We’ve been able to upgrade our equipment, so we have the competitive edge. We seem to be more in the spotlight because people recognize ENO.  ENO fans stop by the pits and show their support-it’s an awesome thing, it’s been really good.  Thanks to ENO, we’ll be introducing a new boat for the 2015 season.


What model do you hammock in and where do you like to go hammocking?

I’ve got a DoubleNest.  My ENO loves to hang between a couple of palm trees on Weedon Island’s Nature Preserve in St. Petersburg, Florida.  I settle into my red, white, and blue DoubleNest and watch fiddler crabs scurry through the mangroves as the sun sets over The Burg.  This is what I look forward too after a race.