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Christopher Cochran in his hammock in Uganda, Africa
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Hammocks and babies

Heyo ENOpians! We’ve mentioned before that hammocks are beneficial to get a good, restful slumber, but in areas of South America, they are beneficial for so much more! Doctors in Colombia use specially-designed hammocks to help care for premature babies. The hammocks, that measure only 20 inches long, are placed [...]

ENOpian Gabriel Andrade Bravo and friend relax in their ENO in Colombia, South America.
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The Art of Backpacking’s top 5 reasons for owning hammocks!

Hey ENOpians! The Art of Backpacking are running a fabulous ENO giveaway competition right now, and to get you in the spirit, they’ve put together “5 Reasons to Make Room for a Travel Hammock in Your Backpack.” Here they are for you (in a condensed form!) Click HERE to see [...]

Hannah Stooksbury - Great Smoky Mountains, TN
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Snow Hammocking

Hey ENOpians! As the number of days sitting behind desk dwindle before the holiday break, the number of winter hammocking dreams grow! But hammocking in cold weather is no picnic in the park. Although the experience can be enriching, exciting and definitely breath-taking, it can also be a tad difficult. [...]

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ENO Hammock Tricks

Hello ENOpians! In past posts we have documented yoga in hammocks and animals in hammocks, but what about circus tricks in hammocks?! Well, we came across this nifty video on YouTube of one ENOpian exploring the gymnastic possibilities of her ENO! Take a look and tell us what you think. Have you [...]

Hammock Indoors!
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Hammock Indoors!

Bonjourno ENOpians! Here at ENO headquarters in Asheville, NC, frost is peppering the ground, icy winds are beginning to blow, and we’re pretty sure snow is on the way. Not really ideal weather for hammocking. But, Apartment Therapy suggests there’s something else you can do with your swinging seats: Putting [...]