Relax and be healthy

The ENO Liberty Water Bottle
Relax and be healthy

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year ENOpians! To celebrate the first post of 2012, we thought we’d give you a few ENO-related suggestions for popular New Year’s Resolutions, according to 1) Drink Less Alcohol While being a very common New Year’s Resolution, it is also a very important one! According to, [...]

Christopher Cochran in his hammock in Uganda, Africa
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Hammocks and babies

Heyo ENOpians! We’ve mentioned before that hammocks are beneficial to get a good, restful slumber, but in areas of South America, they are beneficial for so much more! Doctors in Colombia use specially-designed hammocks to help care for premature babies. The hammocks, that measure only 20 inches long, are placed [...]

ENOpian Mary-Kate Hayes looks to be in a super deep hammock sleep in her ENO on Valdosta State University's campus.
Relax and be healthy

Hammock Sleep is the Best Sleep.

Hola ENOpians! Although we’ve been saying for a long time how great a night’s sleep is in your ENO hammock, a great night’s sleep may also be the key for a healthy kid! In fact, in a recent Huffington Post article, Children’s Sleep: Time For A Wake-Up Call, sleep deprivation [...]

So so much room!
Relax and be healthy

Hugs for Happiness!

Bonjour ENOpians! Aside from the holiday season being filled with shopping, eating, and all around merriness, it’s also an opportunity to spend time with those you love the most (apologies for the cheese). Well, although the myth goes men don’t care for cuddles, the Huffington Post says YES THEY DO! [...]

Relax and be healthy

Hammock Exercising!

Bonjour ENOpians! Check out this video we found of Anti-Gravity Yoga! It turns out anything is possible with a hammock! Wowee!