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Camp Barefoot: Our Fave Moments


Camp Barefoot celebrated its eighth year this weekend and this time around, it was exceptionally magical. Thank you to the Camp Barefoot team for having us be part of it. We enjoyed getting to hang out with Barefooters/ENOpians; meeting the one-of-a-kind festival goers and catching the late night bands on the ENO stage. Can’t wait until next year!!




This Kitten

kittenzThis little furball, endearingly named Festa, was found abandoned on the side of the road with none of her family members in sight. This Barefooter and her father adopted her on the way to the festival. She could be seen cuddling with band members and hanging out on a quiet porch backstage. Congrats on your first Camp Barefoot Festa!







Bubble Art

bubbleartThe bubble man made appearances by the side of main stage during the day and with his string wands, would create the most bubble-tastic bubbles you ever did see. Expert bubble-fans would blow more bubbles out of the main bubble.









This Puppy

boomerThe overall puppy, Boomer. Half pitbull, half maltese, this little guy hung out in his daddy’s overalls the entire festival it seemed. He was helping promote Pink Moon Festival and just practicing being cute. He looked like he was smiling the whole time.









DeltaNine closing out the ENO stage Saturday night.

photoThe crowd could not get enough! High energy, passionate beats + live drums = a party that never wants to stop. Check Deltanine’s Soundcloud here.









Hippie Dips

45233_537826406267233_247636960_nWe’re always happy to see the Hippie Dips crew at festivals! Some of the only food vendors that don’t use a deep fryer, their grub is sure to hit the spot. From fruit bowls in waffle cones to their BLT delxue sandwich to their famous peanut butter, chocolate, banana smoothie–there’s always a line at their booth and it’s always worth the wait. ProTip: if the line is long, have a joke ready, they will quiz for jokes to pass the time and ease the hungry tension.






Beats Antique closing main stage Friday night

imageThe energy was high, the fire spinners were doing just that, and hands were in the air. Beats Antique flew all the way from California to perform at Camp Barefoot and their performance lit those remote West Virginia mountains up. We get goosebumps just remembering their set. As Beats Antique put it: “Give it up for being out in the middle of no where!”






Hanging with Barefooters at the ENO booth

DCIM103GOPROIt was great to meet everyone at the ENO booth! We always love to inspire others to relax in our hammocks. From napping to stage hopping, hammocks are becoming a “must” in festival gear. See you guys next year!