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Backpacking with the OneLink System

Every backpacker has their preferences when it comes to gear. Hiking boots or Chacos? Hand pump water filter or gravity fed? Tent or hammock? Well, it’s probably fairly obvious as to what our preference is when it comes to that last question.Hammock camping on multiple night trips…well we just think it’s awesome! Here’s some frequently asked questions for those who are unfamiliar with backpacking with our Onelink Shelter System on the trail. Have a question that went un-answered? Comment below and we’ll keep the conversation going!

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Is it all connected?


No, the Onelink System is a modular system. The benefits to this are that you can piece your campsite together each night based on the type of environment you’re in and what the forecast is. If the sky is absolutely clear and you’re confident it’s not going to rain, you can leave off the rainfly. Lets say you’re hiking ten miles in one day and you get to a beautiful overlook and want to rest there. You can pull out just your hammock and straps to take a scenic nap. You don’t set up your tent to take a midday snoozer.


How much does it weigh?


There are a number of different combinations of OneLink Systems you can concoct. A JungleNest paired with a ProFly Sil rain tarp (JungleLink, also pictured above) weighs in at a mere 2.5 lbs! If you’re more of a weekend warrior, maybe you’re more into comfort than extreme lightweight qualities. A DoubleNest with a BugNet, Atlas Straps and ProFly XL is a bit over 4 lbs for example. Either way, most OneLink combinations are competitive with lightweight backpacking tents.


Is it Comfortable to sleep overnight in a hammock?

Natalie Crane-Calirfornia

We personally love it, and would answer this question with an enthusiastic “yes!” We do recommend going in at a bit of an angle, this will flatten out your back and offer a natural barrier of the material to keep you in the hammock, even as you roll over on your side. The benefits of sleeping in a hammock are well known at this point, including deeper sleep, falling asleep faster, and waking up feeling more rested.