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Back to School: 6 College Gear Essentials

171A1386 It’s that time everyone. The summer’s not quite over, but change is on the horizon. A new school year is here. It’s time to crack the books and approach the coming weeks with hardwork and an open mind…that we might be in the library more than ever. Make sure you’re armed with the college gear staples to help you through this academic time. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

1. Flashdrive

ID-10073688 A flashdrive is a *must* for college. Do yourself one better and get one that attaches to your keys. Get in the habit of loading your presentations and term papers on the device as am emergency back up. You will thank yourself one day.






2. Mini Umbrella

ID-100171685 Depending on where you’re attending school, chances are you’ll get caught in the rain eventually. And if you’re a freshman and have a long walk back to the dorms when said rain storm comes on through, you’ll be proud of yourself for being prepared. Plus you can share it with someone else who doesn’t have one. And that’s nice!






3. DustBuster

cwv9610_1xl Whether you live on campus or off, with roommates or without–things are going to get dirty. Implement the clean up as you go along method by mounting one of these badboys on your wall.






4. ENO Hammock

dh_khakiteal2 Lounge in your hammock in between classes, set it up in your dorm to sleep in and even study better in your hammock! Don’t forget your tree-friendly straps to set up and break down in a cinch. Find a retailer near you to get hanging!






5. Home T

california_home_t_raglan_grande Stay connected with your roots when you go off to college. A comfy Home T will remind you of just that–your home! Not to mention, it’s a great conversation starter.






6. Good Attitude

ID-10084125 The most important element of all. A good attitude is the best piece of back to school gear out there. It’s not always easy, but it will give you the tools to be an energetic and responsive leader among your peers. Give it a whirl!