Are You Going to Help Push? Pushing Through the Pavement: A Permaculture Action Tour


We here at ENO love trees, nature and community. They are conducive to a hammock-friendly environment! Doesn’t laying in around in a hammock, listening to the breeze and the rustle of trees make you want to help nature? For us, it sure does! The ENO team is also pretty fond of music festivals, it’s how we got started and we’re appreciative that we still get to play and work in that culture. However, we wanted to share a project with you ENOpians that brings a lot of these elements up. Read on! 

This October, The Polish Ambassador is touring the United States with a team of permaculture educators and community organizers to bring Pushing Through the Pavement: A Permaculture Action Tour to major cities. The tour will provide educational presentations and workshops at Polish Ambassador shows, connect audiences to the landscape of local groups and organizations making change in their city, and facilitate project builds at urban farms, gardens and sustainable living centers.  Through a focus on community organizing and earth based practices, the tour will empower people with the tools needed for bringing about a sustainable and regenerative way of living.



How it Works

The tour will be connecting a network of local organizations, permaculture groups, sustainability educators, and food growers that can put the principles of permaculture into action through on-the-ground projects and re-skilling.  Audience members will be encouraged to join “Impact Days” on urban sites following each show that will be immersions focused on sustainability, food justice, ecological education, and regenerative living practices.

“We’re not using this money to fund a new album, We’re not using this money to amp up TPA production. All of this money is going to you and your community in the way of a massive nationwide community service, a massive community learning. Think outside the box. Think BIG!”

Along with hard skills like growing food, collecting rainwater, and building structures, the tour will introduce the equally important aspects of social permaculture: how to work in collaborative groups and organize locally, make decisions, and communicate effectively.

Tour Objectives

  • To teach audiences about permaculture, regenerative land practices, organic food growing, natural building, rainwater catchment, and living in community.

  • To organize impact projects on urban sites in between shows that focus on sustainability, food justice, ecological education, and regenerative living

practices; and get peoples’ hands moving to build and plant together.

  • To connect people with groups and organizations doing this work in the cities they live in, so that together people can transform the urban landscape, solve local problems, and build community.

  • To introduce and weave people into Project Nuevo Mundo’s social network that will keep people connected and allow them continue to engage with innovative permaculture projects, transformational experiences and educational programs around the world through www.ProjectNuevoMundo.org




What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is the practice of living in a balanced way on the earth; of designing relationships of mutual support between people and the ecosystems we inhabit.  Through designing based on the principles nature teaches us, we can meet humans’ basic needs of healthy food, clean water, shelter, energy, and community in a way that not only “sustains” but actively regeneratesbiodiversity and natural resources.

Are you Ready to Support?

With Four days left, and an donation amounts across the spectrum (Donations starting at $10!) we hope that The Polish Ambassador, Jumpsuit Records and his team reach their goals! This way, music lovers across the country can learn how to  shift towards a more sustainable and regenerative way of living. 

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